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One Lightning Strike Can Change Your Life Forever

74% of Lightning Survivors Have Some Form of Disability. Get The Loudest & Brightest Alerts on the Market with TALOS Products.

Stay Aware

55% of all annual lightning injuries and fatalities happen to outdoor workers

Construction, Farming, Landscaping, Highways and more...

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Lightning Ranks 2nd

Only floods cause higher weather related injuries & fatalies than lightning. 

10 Miles

Hear thunder rumble? 10 miles is as far as you can hear. Lightning can strike 25 miles away!

25 Million

The number of strikes of lightning that occur every year in the US

90 Percent: 5 Months

90% of deaths & injuries occur between May through September

Pairs Perfectly in Places Unsuited for Devices

What Makes Our Lightning Detector Greater At Storm Awareness


Ready to take on the elements, TALOS goes where most devices can't: near water. Keep your device safe; Talos has eyes on the skies.

25 Mile Lightning Detection

TALOS detects lightning from 25 miles away based on your actual location, giving you plenty of time to seek shelter.

Always On Alerts

Real time alerts. Highly noticeable flashing signals. Highly audible alarms. Never on silent or vibrate mode.

Long Battery Life

With the longest lasting battery life for lightning detection devices, get real time alerts for ONE FULL YEAR (*based on avg use).

How it Works

You know the importance of weather safety. Learn how the TALOS Lightning Detector makes storm awareness easier.