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It's National Water Safety Month!

It's National Water Safety Month!

Here at Talos, we love the great outdoors! And right now, there's nothing better than the warming temperatures & the longer hours of daylight indicating summer is around the corner. Perfect conditions for ramping up preparations to open the pool!

While taking time to make a list of the equipment & accessories you'll need to review for the upcoming pool season, it's also a good time to review safety protocol. Make your pool a safe destination all summer long... and start now during National Water Safety Month! 

Some water safety suggestions include:

- Use self-closing & self-latching gates

- Install pool and gate alarms to get alerted when someone goes near your pool

- Learning to swim, or updating your swimming skills. 

- Create a set of swimming rules for your pool and share them with your neighbors and friends. 

Many more tips and links like these can be found at:

Also keep in mind that lightning poses a serious threat to your pool during inclement weather. While water doesn't technically attract lightning, it's a very good conductor and carries the current well through water. However, indirectly, lightning currents can travel through surround power lines as well as plumbing. When these are connected to supply energy to the equipment & then subsequently linked to the plumbing, makes lightning able to travel to your pool. 

This is what  makes a product like the Talos lightning detector such an important piece of equipment. Keep eyes on the skies & know well in advance of potential lightning looming in the distance. 

Stay safe and enjoy your summer better prepared with these water safety facts!

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