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OEM Solutions & Custom Applications

The TALOS®️ Remote Lightning Detector is designed for customized applications ideal for OEM solutions. Utilizing a patent pending compact design for remote mounting & communication of lightning storms, installing our lightning alert system is possible in any number of functions.

Receive visual and audible alerts that indicate the distance of lightning strikes (from 25 miles away and closer), and stay informed if a storm is departing or approaching. 

The remote version lightning detector can be purchased by itself or with the optional round or rectangle indicator.

Key Applications

    *Although the remote lightning detector is designed primarily for OEMs, end users can purchase and install themselves. Get started today!

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    Key Features

    • Detection of both cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning activity within a 25 mile range
    • Customizable compact design
    • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts: 3 colors to indicate distance of approaching or departing storms
      • Green: 25 miles
      • Blue:   16 miles
      • Red:    6 miles
    • The LOUDEST audible alerts
      • 1 beep for Green: 25 miles
      • 2 beeps for Blue: 16 miles
      • 3 beeps for Red: 6 miles
    • Low cost
    • High accuracy
    • Same technology as used in expensive weather stations

    Key Benefits

    • Provides early warning beyond human senses & gives distance estimation to head of storm.
    • Algorithm minimizes false indications
    • Antenna auto tuning provides for optimal performance
    • Suitable for very small form factor applications.

    Additional Applications



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    *Although the remote lightning detector is designed primarily for OEMs, end users can purchase and install as well. Contact Us to get started today!