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High Tech Safety Equipment for Your Boat: the TALOS®️ Lightning Detector

Use the Talos SFD-1000-G Lightning Detector on your Boat, Jet Ski, Sea Doo or Pontoon

While you're enjoying time on the boat, severe weather isn't typically the first thing on your mind.

When boating, we typically keep our phones tucked away safely and protected from the elements. Sooner than you know it, a storm is rapidly moving in with little time to act!

TALOS®️ Lightning Detector is:

  • Highly visual - utilizes 8 LEDs
  • Highly audible - louder than lower priced lightning detectors
  • Waterproof  - designed to weather the storm
  • Easy to mount
  • Portable
  • No WIFI needed
  • No outlets

You'll see & hear alerts when lightning is detected from 25 miles away, giving you time to get you and your family to safety.

No Need for Your Phone When You Have the Talos Lightning Detector

The TALOS®️ lightning detector isn't about replacing your phone. It's about having peace of mind without your phone in hand.

  • When your phone isn't nearby or on silent - the TALOS®️ bright LEDs and loud audible alerts keep you aware of approaching lightning & storm fronts
  • No WIFI needed. The lightning detector is a SELF CONTAINED, stand alone device
  • Weather apps send notifications at specific intervals and based on location set, real time updates may be delayed. TALOS®️ alerts depending on distance of storm or lightning strike

TALOS®️ provides ongoing monitoring so you won't miss a beat.

Will you check your phone in time before a storm is upon you?

What Sets Us Apart From Other Lightning Detectors?

TALOS®️ Advanced Features Other Lightning Detectors
8 LEDS - The Brightest Lightning Detection Device on the Market
Contains 1 LED
The Loudest Device - Audible in Noisy Environments
May be Difficult to Hear in Noisy Environments
Continual Flashing & Beeping
(up to 15 Minutes, or Danger is over 25 mi)
Lower Frequency of Alerts
Waterproof - Built to Weather the Storm
NOT Waterproof
Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Use
Indoor Use Only
Stand Alone Device - Works w/out Data Connection
Phones Need Data Connection
Permanent Mounting and Detachable Compatibility
No Permanent Mounting
Hands Free
Automatic Brightness Control No Automatic Brightening or Dimming
Auto Sleep Functionality Manual Shut Off
1-Year Battery Life
*(Based on Nat'l Avgs)
40-80 Hours of Battery Life
Instant, Real Time Lightning Detection Alerts Alerts May Be Delayed or Missed
Quick & Easy Start Up Requires Some Start Up Tutorial
False Signal Rejection Technology More False Positives Detected