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Making Weather Alerts Easier to Observe on Golf Carts

Safety is not an's essential.

30% of sports-related lightning fatalities occur while playing golf.

TALOS®️ Lightning Detector is:

  • Highly visual - utilizes 8 LEDs
  • Highly audible - able to hear while driving
  • Easy to mount
  • Portable
  • No WIFI needed
  • Battery operated - No downloads or outlets needed

Custom Lightning Detection Solutions For Permanent Installation

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect for OEM applications
  • A customizable solution for permanent installation
  • Can be used together with optional annunciator
  • Annunciator/ indicator light can be mounted in an area easy to view away from electrical interference
  • Connects to the vehicle's 12vdc electrical connection.

    Key Features: 

  • No need for batteries.
  • Most accurate in the industry.
  • Provides clean appearance
  • When Lightning is Detected…

    25 miles away:

    • LEDs flash GREEN
    • Device beeps 1x
      16 miles away
      • LEDs flash BLUE
      • Device Beeps 2x
        6 miles away
        • LEDs flash RED
        • Device beeps 3x

          You can only hear lightning from 10 miles away, but lightning can strike from 25 miles away!

          No Need for Your Phone When You Have the Talos Lightning Detector

          The TALOS®️ lightning detector provides ongoing monitoring so you won't miss a beat.

          • Works without the need of a data connection
          • TALOS's bright LEDs & loud audible alerts provide
            • Real time alerts
            • Situational awareness of lightning and storm fronts
          • TALOS is a SELF CONTAINED, stand alone device.
          • Weather app alerts may be delayed due to:
            • Your set location, not your ACTUAL location
            • Apps alerts at specific intervals not in real time.
            • TALOS alerts are based on your EXACT location in REAL time. 

          Provide lightning awareness to your customers!

          What Sets Us Apart From Other Lightning Detectors?

          TALOS®️ Advanced Features Other Lightning Detectors
          8 LEDS - The Brightest Lightning Detection Device on the Market
          Contains 1 LED
          The Loudest Device - Audible in Noisy Environments
          May be Difficult to Hear in Noisy Environments
          Continual Flashing & Beeping
          (up to 15 Minutes, or Danger is over 25 mi)
          Lower Frequency of Alerts
          Waterproof - Built to Weather the Storm
          NOT Waterproof
          Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Use
          Indoor Use Only
          Stand Alone Device - Works w/out Data Connection
          Phones Need Data Connection
          Permanent Mounting and Detachable Compatibility
          No Permanent Mounting
          Hands Free
          Automatic Brightness Control No Automatic Brightening or Dimming
          Auto Sleep Functionality Manual Shut Off
          Instant, Real Time Lightning Detection Alerts Alerts May Be Delayed or Missed
          Quick & Easy Start Up Requires Some Start Up Tutorial
          False Signal Rejection Technology More False Positives Detected


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