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Making Weather Alerts Easier to Observe on Golf Carts

Safety is not an's essential.

55% of lightning injuries happen to those working outdoors. Additionally, 30% of sports-related lightning fatalities occur while playing golf. 

Whether work or play. safety shouldn't be an optional consideration. Safety should be an essential part of every outdoor occasion and event.

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Now OEMs Have a Ready-to-Install Design Solution that Provides:

  • Clean Appearance
  • Permanent, Space Saving Design
  • Real Time Lightning Alerts 

Highly versatile for custom installations, the TALOS remote system is the answer to enhancing lighting awareness for golf turf maintenance equipment, and for implementing on golf carts.

*Although the remote lightning detector is designed primarily for oems, end users can purchase and install themselves. Contact us at 727-532-6144 or email

How it Works

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When lightning is nearby, every moment counts.

Maintenance workers wear protective ear equipment and use loud equipment. Sooner than they realize, a storm is rapidly moving in with little time to act!

TALOS®️ Lightning Detection System is:

    Why TALOS®️ lightning alerts? Phones already send notifications!

    Our products aren't about replacing  a phone. It's about peace of mind when phones aren't convenient. At moments like:

    • When phones are safely secured to keep them from being dropped or damaged
    • Set to silent/ do not disturb
    • When there isn't a reliable data signal or connection
    • When every minute counts! Some weather notifications are set for specific intervals, meaning real time updates can be missed
    • When weather app updates are set for a location other than where the person actually is 

    This is what makes TALOS®️  a perfect solution. 

    • The bright LEDs and loud audible alerts keep occupants aware of approaching lightning & storm fronts
    • The lightning detector is a SELF CONTAINED, stand alone device
    • Real time alerts are based on the location of the device, giving occupants more time to seek shelter

    Don't miss a beat with TALOS®️ ongoing monitoring!


    Provide lightning awareness to your customers!

    What Sets Us Apart From Other Lightning Detectors?

    TALOS®️ Advanced Features Other Lightning Detectors
    8 LEDS - The Brightest Lightning Detection Device on the Market
    Contains 1 LED
    The Loudest Device - Audible in Noisy Environments
    May be Difficult to Hear in Noisy Environments
    Continual Flashing & Beeping
    (up to 15 Minutes, or Danger is over 25 mi)
    Lower Frequency of Alerts
    Waterproof - Built to Weather the Storm
    NOT Waterproof
    Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Use
    Indoor Use Only
    Stand Alone Device - Works w/out Data Connection
    Phones Need Data Connection
    Hands Free
    Automatic Brightness Control No Automatic Brightening or Dimming
    Auto Sleep Functionality Manual Shut Off
    Instant, Real Time Lightning Detection Alerts Alerts May Be Delayed or Missed
    Quick & Easy Start Up Requires Some Start Up Tutorial
    False Signal Rejection Technology More False Positives Detected


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