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Essential Safety Equipment for Sports and Recreational Activities

Sports are an amazing way to stay active! 

Be aware when weather conditions change. 

Important Lighting-Sports Statistics

  • The NWS reported that 17% of lightning deaths between 2006 and 2013 occurred during outdoor sports or recreational activities. These sports include soccer, golf, running, baseball, and football
  • Many victims during outdoor sports were either headed to safety or just steps away from safety at the time of a fatal lightning strike.
  • Many people wait too long before reacting to lightning because they don’t want to appear overly cautious
  • If you hear thunder you are within 10 miles of lightning and need to seek shelter, lightning can strike from as far as 25 miles away.

Don't wait till it's too late to seek safety! 

Read a firsthand account of one of TALOS®️'s own employees about his experience with lightning during youth sports.

Sports and Lightning Tips:

  •  Don't wait for rain! Officials may base their decisions on personal experience and or a desire to complete the activity. Unfortunately, these decisions can put the lives of those involved at risk.
  • The National Weather Service recommends that organizers have a lightning safety plan and follow it without exception. The plan should give clear and specific safety guidelines to eliminate errors in judgment.
  • When you are evacuating a field you should not stay outdoors and should find shelter in a large building. Note that buildings with exposed sides are NOT SAFE even if they are grounded. This includes dugouts, rain shelters, sheds, etc.
  • The TALOS®️ Lightning Detectors can be used as an early warning device to alert individuals to evacuate a field when lightning is closing in.

TALOS is ideal for sports stadiums, a cost effective solution that replaces expensive weather stations, while still using the same technology found in these weather stations. Just station your TALOS inside the announcer's box. If there is lightning in the area, TALOS will alert the announcers with flashing LED lights. These announcers would then be able to signal the officials, players and fans. 

TALOS®️ Features:

  • Highly visual - utilizes 8 LEDs
  • Highly audible
  • Easy to mount
  • Portable
  • No WIFI needed
  • Able to detect lightning from 25 miles away
No Need for Your Phone When You Have the Talos Lightning Detector

The TALOS®️ lightning detector isn't about replacing your phone. It's about having peace of mind for what matters most.

  • When your phone isn't nearby or set on silent - TALOS®️ is visible AND audible from across the field
  • No WIFI needed. The lightning detector is a SELF CONTAINED, stand alone device.
  • Weather apps send notifications at specific intervals, thus, real time updates may be delayed. TALOS®️ alerts depend on distance of storm or lightning strike.

Whether you're driving or your phone is simply out of reach, TALOS®️ provides ongoing monitoring so you won't miss a beat.

Will you check your phone in time before a storm is upon you?

Why the TALOS®️ Lightning Detector?

TALOS®️ Advanced Features Other Lightning Detectors
8 LEDS - The Brightest Lightning Detection Device on the Market
Contains 1 LED
Visible From Across the Field Difficult to Read Far away
The Loudest Device - Audible in Noisy Environments May be Difficult to Hear in Noisy Environments
Continual Flashing & Beeping
(Up to 15 minutes, or Danger is over 25 mi)
Lower Frequency of Alerts
Waterproof - Built to Weather the Storm NOT Waterproof
Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Use Indoor Use Only
Stand Alone Device - Works w/out Data Connection Phones Need Data Connection
Permanent Mounting and Detachable Compatibility Handheld
1-Year Battery Life
*(Based on Nat'l Avgs)
40-80 Hours of Battery Life
Instant, Real Time Lightning Detection Alerts Alerts May Be Delayed or Missed
Quick & Easy Start Up Requires Some Start Up Tutorial
False Signal Rejection Technology More False Positives Detected

Popular Outdoor Sports and Recreational Activities Perfect for TALOS®️ Lightning Detector:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Kickball
  • Cheerleading 
  • Lacrosse
  • And many more!

What will you use your TALOS®️ Lightning Detector For?