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TALOS Safety Sign 18 x 24 and Lightning Detector Kit


Don't be caught off guard while enjoying your leisure time at the pool. The TALOS®safety sign with attached lightning detector is a great addition to community and at-home swimming pools. When mounted, swimmers can easily see lightning alerts and instantly know the distance of the lightning.

Choose from two convenient operation methods: battery operated or wired. The battery operated detector is a quick and easy set up; just install 4 AA batteries and it's ready to go. The wired device includes DC power supply that plugs directly into any wall outlet and eliminates the need to change out batteries.


  • Durable PVC material stands up to UV fading
  • Detects lightning up to 25 mile range
  • Waterproof
  • The BRIGHTEST visual alerts: 3 colors to indicate distance of approaching or departing storms
    • Green: 25 miles
    • Blue:   16 miles
    • Red:    6 miles
  • The LOUDEST audible alerts
    • 1 Beep for Green: 25 miles
    • 2 Beeps for Blue: 16 miles
    • 3 Beeps for Red: 6 miles
    • Visual description of color LEDs
    • Same technology as used in weather stations
    • Battery operated or wired versions available


    • Sooner warning alerts
    • Provides situational awareness of lightning and storm fronts
    • Clear visual description of the flashing LEDs 
    • Easy to mount

    Where to Mount the Sign

    Mount the sign a minimum of 3 feet away from any devices emitting electrical noise to avoid false positive signals. The sign can be placed on any nonmetallic flat service.

    What's Included in the Box:

    1- TALOS Lightning Detection Device

    1 - Mounting Base

    1 - 18" x 24" Safety Sign

    1 - User Guide


    Download User Guide

    Download Datasheet

    Battery Instructions & Installation

    It is necessary to replace batteries as soon as the lightning detector indicates the batteries are almost dead. The detector will beep and flash the LED twice indicating that batteries need to be replaced. This alert is given every 10 seconds. If you are not using the lightning detector, make sure you remove the batteries prior to storing the detector.

    Operational Instructions

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